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Drop us a message... as this form is not functioning, please email us at connect2BKM@gmail.com

O. S. J. J. does not offer a lot of publicly available contact information directly on this website.  We do ask that you send us an email request for more information which must have all of your contact information in it. Our "Members Only" area is secure and password protected.

If the brief information and images on this site have piqued your interest, and you feel motivated to contact us, rest assured we will get back in touch with you.  We do seek people who feel called to join our Order, and place extreme value and emphasis on nurturing mutually beneficial personal interactions and friendships.  By nature we are a private, semi-monastic, prayerful, communal, respectful, confraternal, association of faithful Christians. 

And we wish you every blessing.  

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Our email: connect2BKM@gmail.com